Draft Principles for Digital Change in the Government of BC

We drafted digital principles and we’re looking for feedback by January 31.

Technology has changed the world, and it’s changing government too. Digital government is about using modern tools and technology to deliver great government services.

Here in the Government of BC, we’re developing principles to help guide our work on digital government. We would love your feedback!

Why we are drafting digital principles

We are creating digital principles to help shape how we manage government information, technology, programs and services in the Internet age. We have leveraged content from leading jurisdictions around the world, input from across government, and elements that we think are important for BC.

Digital government is giving rise to exciting new opportunities, but also new imperatives. We know that British Columbians have high expectations, and we’ll need to keep engaging with diverse communities across our province to sustainably and meaningfully meet those expectations.

That’s why we’re excited to hear your views on our draft digital principles. We’d like to align ourselves around a vision and common understanding of good digital practices and outcomes. These principles set the stage for lots more exciting work to come.

We’re already becoming digital

The Government of BC’s approach to digital government is a work in progress. We’ve set out an initial framework at digital.gov.bc.ca. This framework sets a path towards meeting public expectations and accelerating digital change across our government.

Within government, we’re working hard to develop and deliver great digital services to the people of BC. We’re also embracing digital government throughout our organizations, updating our policies, standards, processes and tools for information management (IM) and information technology (IT). To support these goals, we’re mobilizing our efforts and our community around the digital principles. That’s why we think they are relevant not just to BC public servants, but to all British Columbians!

Tell us what you think!

We welcome feedback and comments on our draft digital principles, via GitHub, the comments section here, or by email at IM.ITPolicy@gov.bc.ca. Please provide your feedback by January 31, 2020. We’ll use your comments to refine the principles.

Draft Digital Principles for the Government of BC

  1. Deliver impact for British Columbians
    Recognize that government digital products and services should ultimately improve people’s lives. Focus on meeting citizens’ needs and expectations and on improving service delivery. Build products and services for outcomes rather than outputs. Deliver consistently and sustainably through judicious use of public resources.
Photo from the movie Modern Times of Charlie Chaplin adjusting a large mechanical cog.
Photo from the movie Modern Times of Charlie Chaplin adjusting a large mechanical cog.
We’re updating our processes and tools for modern times!

Please share your views on the draft principles by January 31, 2020.

Chief Digital Officer for the Government of British Columbia